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Boarding Contract

B-n-B Kennels Boarding Contract
210211 E SR 397, Kennewick, WA 99337


Owner Name__________________________________________________________________    


Address________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip__________________________________________



Email _____________________________________________________________



Emergency Contact Name:_______________________________________Phone:___________________________

(Emergency Contact - Please give a telephone number where we can reach you or the name of a person who can make decisions regarding your pet.)



Arrival date: ______________ a.m. p.m.        Departure date: ____________ a.m. p.m.

                                                      Going home bath:   Y     N  


Pet 1: ______________________________Breed:_______________________________Weight:______________


         Sex:  M     F                 Spayed/Neutered?       Yes       No              Color: __________________ 

        Bordetella (exp. date) _________         DAPP (exp. date) _________     Rabies (exp. Date) _________               

         Feeding schedule:   A.M.    P.M,    Both                              Medication    Yes     No



Pet 2: ______________________________Breed:_______________________________Weight:______________


         Sex:  M     F                   Spayed/Neutered?       Yes       No             Color: ________________ 

        Bordetella (exp. date) _________          DAPP (exp. date) _________     Rabies (exp. date) _________               

        Feeding schedule:    A.M.    P.M.    Both                                    Medication   Yes    No



Pet 3: ______________________________Breed:_______________________________Weight:______________


         Sex:  M     F                  Spayed/Neutered?       Yes       No               Color: ________________

       Bordetella (exp. date) _________           DAPP (exp. date) _________    Rabies (exp. date) _________

       Feeding schedule:    A.M.    P.M.    Both                               Medication    Yes    No




 Medical Information:


Clinic name:_________________________________ Phone#:____________________________



$20.00 per day per dog.                                               

No extra charge for medication, play time, not being altered or credit card processing fees.

Discounts of 10%  for families with 3+ dogs and dogs staying 14+ days.                                 




Monday - Saturday

7 am – 10 am and 3 pm – 6 pm

Sunday                  6 pm – 8 pm

There is $25. fee for picking up or dropping off outside these times.


Kennel food (Blue Chicken and Brown rice) will be fed to dogs that run out of food.

 The check-in day is billed no matter what time you check in. If you pick up before 10:00 am, there is no charge except for Sundays and holidays, which are always billed.

 We accept cash, checks or bank/credit cards.

 I hereby authorize B-n-B Kennels to board my pet for the period of time noted above. B-n-B Kennels agrees to provide a clean kennel for my pet and regular feeding as requested. Dogs will be exercised daily. If emergency care should become necessary for my pet, I authorize B-n-B Kennels to obtain veterinarian services and agree to accept financial responsibility.

 In consideration of B-n-B Kennels, accepting my pet for boarding, I do hereby release, discharge and waive claims, demands, and/or actions against B-n-B Kennels, its agents, employees, officers and insurers arising from or relating to injury, illness or death that may occur during the period of boarding.

Animals left 7 days after scheduled departure date without contact will be sold to pay for boarding expense.

The signing of this contract  is agreement to these terms at this and all future boarding appointments.





Owner/Agent Signature ______________________________ Date ____________